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Mindful Beads

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with Gratia Churchill and Katie Worsdell

We offer 'mala making' workshops around the country for retreats and teacher training courses. With a wide variety of beautiful beads to choose from, the session will be filled with a mindful practice, joyful chanting and interesting stories about beads, prayer beads, mantras and Hindu deities. 

Gratia will lead the the closing chanting circle. Please visit her website for more information.

Please contact us if you are interested in offering this experience to your students. 

Price: £45 per participant (a surcharge for travelling will be added if venue is outside Sussex)

Price includes all materials for the 'mala' .

Minimum of 8 people.

"Mindful beads are more than an ornament. They are a way to keep the sacred close to our hearts and hands. They are symbols of growth, spirituality, belief and promise."

                                                                                              Alice Peck

In this workshop we are going to approach the use of beads in all their beautiful shapes and diverse material, as a tool for prayer. 'Prayer' as a way of setting a sacred intention and not necessarily attached to any religion or belief system. 

Through the examination of practices used in different cultures throughout time, the use of beads to count prayers appears to have originated with the Hindus in India (prayer bead = mala). Within the context of Yoga and Hinduism we are going to explore how to create a mala and learn how to use it to repeat mantras - japa mala.

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